Affiliated Companies

All of the companies listed below are partly or fully owned by UAT co-founders and  are currently managed or have been managed in the past by one of the two co-founders. Furthermore, there are more companies that are controlled by the families of the co –founders but can’t be listed due to the nature of the business & regularity issues.


The UAT team can always count on these successful companies and their resources in serving its own clients. This is part of the unique capabilities UAT has and it is part of the past success of the UAT co-founders. 


Andalusia Medical Supplies Ltd.
• Forum Furniture Co. Ltd.
• Metal Industries Company Ltd. (Metalco) - 
• Diplomat rent a car
• Advanced Feed Industrial Co. Ltd. (ADFICO) -
• Arrow software Company Ltd.  -
Pioneers for Aquaculture Ltd

There is a much longer list of companies that UAT has partnered with, works with and has teaming agreements with. These companies are all over the world and supply us with the highest quality products and services that allow us to serve our clients in the most professional, efficient and timely manner