United Andalusia Trading Inc. (UAT) is a procurement and logistics company with its headquarters located in Amman, Jordan, one of the most strategically convenient gateways to the Middle East. UAT’s focus has been on Western companies conducting business in the Middle East, in general and in Iraq and Afghanistan in particular.

UAT is part of this region in the full meaning of the word and by dealing with us you become part of it as well. Our impressive network, unique set of capabilities and the ability to work in austere locations while providing western style practices & standards, is what makes UAT your perfect procurement & logistics partner.

UAT is PROUD to serve you for the following facts:

Profitability is increased when dealing with UAT. Western companies conducting business in the Middle East will very quickly realize that not only do suppliers generally tend to ask more for their products and services when they find out it is going to such companies, but also how difficult and complicated the simplest of tasks could sometimes be. With the increased focus on cost and compliance, procurement & logistics outsourcing leverages economies of scale, reduces supply & operational costs, improves compliance and enhances performance & cycle times.

Reliability & responsiveness are amongst our greatest assets. We are efficient and fast to react. UAT’s deep understanding of the demanding and very tight delivery schedules of many requirements has contributed to the success of so many of our clients. The UAT team of professionals will deliver the exact needed results in a reliable and timely manner which gives our clients the freedom and peace of mind to focus their own resources on their core business.

Objective, swift and cost effective solutions with high successful results, is what UAT offers. We listen, analyze and get a deep understanding of what the client needs then tailor our strategy accordingly. Every client is different; therefore, every solution we offer is unique. UAT capabilities have proven successful not only for companies trying to enter the Middle East markets for the first time but also for companies conducting business in the region for a long time.

Understanding the lingual and cultural aspects of the Middle East is essential when entering into successful negotiations and building strong relationships with vendors and partners on the ground. This is a simple fact that should never be underestimated. UAT has a complete understanding of the local culture, language, and environment and has all the necessary resources and experience to make the right introductions, facilitate obstacles and suggest solutions.

Diverse range of services and products offered is what can make UAT your one stop shop in the Middle East. UAT has all the necessary capabilities, experience and network to help out in many components for so many projects. We have a large network of partners, associates, contacts and an extremely impressive data base. Our reach expands all over the Middle East and covers a wide range of industries.



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